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Each Year Redwood Chapel Community Church in Castro Valley, CA hosts a car show that is free and open to everyone. The event is a way to reach out to the community in a fun way. With well over 200 cars participating, it's well attended and appreciated by the car lovers and the general public.

If you participated in the car show and see an image of your car in this gallery and want a copy of it, contact me through this website and identify yourself and your car. You can identify your car by the sequence number but better by the four-digit image number you will see below the image when you click on it. I will email you a web/email sized copy of the image of your car. This offer is available only to individuals with images of their personal vehicle displayed on this website.
IMG_2943_4_5_HDR 37 FORD TA  TSIMG_2943_4_5_HDR 37 FORDIMG_2946_7_8_HDR 37 FORD TS2IMG_2949-IMG_2950_1_2_HDR 36 FORDIMG_2957IMG_2959IMG_2960_1_2_HDR 34 FORD TSIMG_2958IMG_2964 32 FORDIMG_2954IMG_2965_6_7_HDR 30 FORD TSIMG_2968IMG_2969IMG_2970_1_2 HDR FORDIMG_2973 (self portrait)IMG_2974IMG_2975_6_7_HDR 40 CHEVY TS1IMG_2975_6_7_HDR 40 CHEVY TS2IMG_2978

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1930 model A ford
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